Friday, January 31, 2014

"Same Love"

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' Grammy Performance

What happened at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night was simply amazing. If you didn't know, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed their song "Same Love". Queen Latifah began the sequence with a lovely, little introduction. The group performed the number with a unique twist as this was not the first time they have performed this on TV and yet it still had a fresh take to it. The digital backdrop helped transition, transforming from black and white outlines of windows to full color stained glass. Queen Latifah came out again and announced that she would be marrying 33 couples of different races, nationalities, and sexual preferences. The couples seemed to suddenly appear in the middle of the star studded Grammy audience, took their vows, and were pronounced united by the Queen herself. Straight and gay stood next to each other side by side as the song's title claims. Madonna comes out similar garb she wore earlier in the evening but all white. I can kind of forgive her wardrobe choices because she sings "Open Your Heart to Me" to finish it all off as the couples run out. Like a cherry on top, some bride or overjoyed gay man threw her bouquet to Katy Perry on her way out.

inVision Matt Sayles/Invision/AP A ENT CA USA INVW The 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show
(Source: AP Images)

The fact that this is happening on national TV is just freaking huge. Let alone at such a massive award show as the Grammys. This has to give hope to people all across the country, some young, alone and feeling isolated. Since the performance, I've read comments on Facebook from conservatives complaining that the Grammys should be about just music. Well, guess what? It was. Music is inevitably about songs and the one particular song featured happened to be about exactly that, equal love. It doesn't mean you have to like because that is one of the wonderful about things about such an award show; it brings together all genres of music, song, and artists together. I've also hear gays complain about a straight man making money off of a song about gays. Why are we complaining about a couple of smart,secure straight guys who are joining the fight by creating a song full of truths, that everyone needs to hear?

INVZ Matt Sayles/Invision/AP A ENT CA USA CACJ366 The 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show
(Source: AP Images)

Plus Mary Lambert is freaking amazing. I love the hair, the dress, and her voice. I think Adelle could take a cue fashionwise. Mary sings the line in the song "No crying on Sundays...." And it was hard to listen to her Madonna together because she is extremely talented and Madonna is.....well you know. Either way it is a win, win for the awards show because everyone is talking about it.

You can watch the historic moment in full at the link below.

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